Screen systems

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Screen systems can no longer be excluded from the greenhouse horticulture sector

A screen system can provide many one-off benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. Consequently HORCONEX frequently installs screen systems at customers, in (or above) the greenhouse.

Screen systems

Screen systems are mainly used for:

  • Energy saving – improved greenhouse insulation, using a single or double screen to reduce energy consumption significantly.
  • Controlling light transmission – several screens can be used to control the amount of sunlight entering.
  • Blackout screening of the greenhouse – isolation of the light from outside to inside. For day length-sensitive crops, the day length can be shortened artificially by means of shading. 
  • Controlling light emission – reduction of the loss of artificial light from inside to outside. 
  • Climate control – energy screens are used alongside other energy savings measures to optimise the greenhouse climate. This kind of screen system improves control over climate conditions. 

Horizontal screens

With horizontal and/or tent-shaped systems, a flat screen is installed inside at the top of the greenhouse. Most of a greenhouse's energy is lost through the greenhouse roof, so a horizontal and/or tent-shaped energy screen creates an additional layer of insulation. This system immediately yields the biggest energy savings by reducing radiated heat.

Outside screen systems

Besides screens inside the greenhouse, it is also possible to install a horizontal outside screen. Outside screening works like a parasol above the greenhouse. It provides an extremely efficient way of cooling the greenhouse. The reduction in heat above the greenhouse roof results in a cooler greenhouse climate. Feasibility of this type of construction will depend on local weather conditions and the crop grown. 

Vertical screen systems

With a vertical screen system, rolling screens are installed between the purlins. There are lots of similarities between horizontal and vertical screens. Horizontal and vertical screen types exist for all applications, so a screen can be used in all greenhouse types. 

As well as installation on the outside wall, a vertical screen can also be installed as a mobile boundary and/or partition wall. Artificial partition walls can be erected to create different climate zones in a single area. In combination with the horizontal screen system, HORCONEX can create the perfect energy-tight or, in the case of blackout, light-tight system for your needs.


The fitting of insectnetting in your ventilation windows can help stop harmful insects flying in. Installation of insectnetting is a simple, but highly effective, method, especially where crops have to be kept completely insect-free. This helps you ensure product quality by avoiding damage to your crop.

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