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Sustainability agenda 2023

It is of great importance to HORCONEX to contribute to a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. By implementing a sustainability agenda, HORCONEX takes its responsibility to actively work to reduce the impact on the environment and society.

HORCONEX's sustainability agenda consists of the following components:

1. Contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and investing in renewable energy to reduce the company's CO2 emissions to zero.

The climate-neutral building of HORCONEX is located on the N211 (the most sustainable highway in the Netherlands) and has a green certification. The building consists of a white, metallic construction. This reduces the cooling load by 20% and is a sustainable application due to the reduction in energy demand. The building is all-electric, has 750 solar panels, LED lighting, a special climate ceiling with sound insulation and air heat pumps. Finally, the building is surrounded by 'semi-paved' that ensures a gradual drainage of rainwater and green areas that receive the necessary attention.

All HORCONEX construction platforms are equipped with a particulate filter. This is mandatory in Switzerland and HORCONEX has implemented this in all its other projects.

2. Contributing to the implementation of a circular economy by reducing waste, reusing raw materials and realizing horticultural projects that are suitable for organic and CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture).

3. Promoting sustainable procurement by co-selecting suppliers and partners for products manufactured using sustainable methods and materials.

4. Taking social responsibility by creating jobs for vulnerable groups or supporting local communities.

5. Encouraging sustainable mobility by providing facilities for cyclists to encourage employees to come to work by bicycle.

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