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Personal attention and top service are what have driven HORCONEX to success.

We value customer contact, and do all that we can to give you total peace of mind. This includes short response times. HORCONEX ensures minimal fuss while the project is under way, and maximum results when it is complete!

Rapid response

HORCONEX has local depots in several countries, where we hold a basic stock of many materials.

This enables us to provide a rapid and effective response in the event of damage and repairs. You can also depend on HORCONEX for prompt emergency repairs, allowing you to get back to work with a minimum of disruption!

Our logistical network allows us to deliver materials to your location as quick as possible. Our service engineers aim to solve your problems as quickly and adequate as possible.


Your partner even after delivery

Your greenhouse will be subjected to intensive use and a range of weather conditions. Consequently, and despite the durable design of HORCONEX greenhouses and systems, you will be faced with wear and tear and possible damage. In order to avoid things getting worse, and with it major disruption (and high costs), we urge you to arrange for preventive maintenance for your greenhouse and associated systems. Our specialist fitters will inspect all moving parts and systems, carry out repairs where necessary and advise you on how to maintain the quality of your greenhouse.

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