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Crop growing gutters provide many benefits

Ever-increasing demand in the greenhouse horticulture sector means that the range on offer is expanding all the time. Nowadays, a crop gutter can be used for several products, e.g. for roses, gerberas, orchids and strawberries. However, in recent years there has also been a dramatic increase in demand for crop gutters for tomatoes. This type of crop growing gutter is also designed for use with peppers, aubergines and cucumbers.


Benefits of cropgutters

HORCONEX cropgutters are a sure-fire way of achieving success. They can be installed in new and existing greenhouses. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved working conditions, as the crops no longer grow in the soil, rather at a comfortable working height on the gutters.
  • Total capture of waste water, which can be recycled as required.
  • Improved control over growing conditions.
  • Crops no longer depend on soil conditions.
  • Reduced risk of crop disease.
  • Improved hygiene as the pathways in the greenhouse are easier to keep clean.

Cropgutter systems and materials

Your specific needs and requirements are used to determine the ideal arrangement of crop growing gutters. We also involve you in the choice of materials to be used for the crop growing gutters. While there is a range of options, it is normal for a steel profile (with a protective coating) to be used. However, new materials are being introduced all the time, allowing horticultural producers to comply with the strict requirements.

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