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HORCONEX offers complete heating systems in new and existing greenhouses

HORCONEX also installs complete heating systems, in both new and existing greenhouses. You can also rely on our experienced fitters for modifications, renovation and maintenance of existing heating systems.

All our heating systems can be installed in their entirety, directly from the energy source. We can take care of the complete installation and construction of, for example, the boiler room, the buffer tank and, where applicable, the CO2-system. HORCONEX can also install all of the pipework, insulating the pipes where necessary to prevent heat loss and/or to avoid temperature differences arising in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse heating system

Heating is required in order to maintain the ideal climate in the greenhouse during colder periods, and to promote crop growth. HORCONEX can design and install the perfect system to maximise returns from your heating system. To do this, we use the following types of greenhouse heating, which can also be combined:

  • Pipe rail heating
  • Vegetation heating
  • Snowmelt heating 
  • Upper heating
  • Gable heating
  • Table heating

Boiler room

HORCONEX takes care of the complete technical equipment of your boiler room. from delivery and placing of the boiler until the connection and installation of the burner and the transportgroups for the greenhouse heating. All loose parts together will be fit into a good working system. Due to safety reasons the connection of the fuel is outsourced. All the rest of the proceedings is carried out very detailed by HORCONEX. Our services may also be able to help you if you’re looking to renovate, modify, or expand your boiler room.

Heat storage tank

In very simple terms, a buffer tank is a storage tank for warm water, i.e. a heat storage tank, that can be used to improve the efficiency of your heating system. Heat that has already been generated can be stored in the buffer for use later on. The required capacity of the buffer tank will be calculated by HORCONEX as an integral part of the heating system design for your whole project.


Crops grow by way of photosynthesis. CO2 plays an important role in this process. For this reason, CO2 is used in greenhouse horticulture to promote crop growth and maximise yields. Additional CO2 is distributed throughout your greenhouse as efficiently as possible, using a well designed CO2system.

Geothermal heat

Would you like your greenhouse heating to use as little in the way of fossil fuels as possible? If so, HORCONEX can connect it to a new or existing geothermal (warm water) source. Warm water from the geothermal well is used to heat the water in your heating system. With geothermal heating, nothing else needs to be done to the heating system in your greenhouse.

A variety of factors are taken into account when designing your geothermal greenhouse heating system. Our design will depend on the quantity of water and the temperature of your source.

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