HORCONEX has developed the Activenlo® greenhouse in accordance with the guidelines of ‘The Next Generation in Greenhouse Cultivation or ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’ programme, a Dutch initiative for stimulating climate-neutral and economically viable greenhouses.

This advanced design focuses on ‘active dehumidification’ in the Venlo greenhouse. The primary objective of this concept is to maintain productivity at at least the same level while consuming much less energy. Energy savings of as much as 20% are possible simply by using the Activenlo® greenhouse on its own. The Activenlo system eliminates concerns about excessive RV from a second screen, allowing total energy savings to rise to as much as 40%.

The Activenlo®

The key features of this product:

  • Economical growing in conjunction with optimal production
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and increase your eligibility for subsidies
  • A more even climate reduces moisture formation on crops, minimizing the risk of diseases such as fungus.
  • Better climate control in a general sense

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Active dehumidifcation

In the case of an Activenlo® greenhouse, a specially developed ventilation system provides active dehumidification.

The outer walls of the greenhouse incorporate a chamber which draws in (dry) outside air. The air that is drawn in from the outside is mixed in the chamber with air from the greenhouse to bring it up to the right temperature. Mixing humid air with dry air reduces the amount of energy required to dehumidify the air. Furthermore, the ventilation system in the greenhouse creates a much more homogeneous climate. This also reduces dew formation on the crops and results in less crop disease (e.g. mildew).

Double energy saving

The use of additional installation can reduce energy consumption even further.

For example, a reduction in energy consumption of as much as 40% can be achieved by insulating the Activenlo® greenhouse more effectively using a double screen.  This doubles the savings in the area of energy costs! Performance statistics like these make further investigation on your part worth your while. Based on your input, HORCONEX can calculate the savings potential that an optimum combination has for you.

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