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Lowering existing screen installation because of Voltiris modules

Can you tell us why you chose HORCONEX to carry out this project? What was the (main) reason for choosing HORCONEX?

We ended up with HORCONEX because of their years of experience and expertise in greenhouse construction, both in the Netherlands and our home country of Switzerland.

How did the cooperation between you and HORCONEX go? Can you describe this collaboration? Did you have contact person and were you always accurately helped? Both via the representative, the office and on the construction site?

There was always direct contact with both the representative, designer and project supervisors. This ensured that the project ran smoothly and unburdened.

Are you satisfied with the end result? Have the expectations of the project been fulfilled? Did the delivery of the project go well? Can you motivate this?

The end result was exactly as expected. The intention was to have enough space for our modules. Because 3D drawings were continuously exchanged between us and HORCONEX, things could not really go wrong.

Can you name two advantages of HORCONEX (USPs) compared to other providers of 'Horticultural Projects'?

HORCONEX has professional people running in every department with personal attention. They are also very flexible if adjustments need to be made, nothing is impossible.

Will you choose HORCONEX again for a next project and/or do you recommend HORCONEX to colleagues or colleagues? If so, can you indicate why?

Sure. The cooperation with HORCONEX went smoothly because of the short lines and good communication. When we had any wishes after completion, they were taken care of immediately.

What additions and/or tips do you have for HORCONEX, so that we can tailor our products and service even better to the wishes and needs of you as a customer?

Initially, we would have liked to work even more with you to also design and execute the installation of the modules together. Unfortunately, due to the failure of the intended grant, that was not in the cards.

Kaz Vermeer

Voltiris, Lausanne - Switzerland


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