HORCONEX has developed an environmentally responsible concept in greenhouse construction and design - the Solar Venlo® greenhouse.

By incorporating solar panels in the roof on one side, intelligent use is made of the Venlo greenhouse design to produce green electricity. Not only is this type of greenhouse an excellent solution when growing shade loving crops, it is also ideal for your service area.

The Solar Venlo®

Benefits of the Solar Venlo® greenhouse:

  • A cooler greenhouse during the hot summer months.
  • Less direct sunlight.
  • The ability to generate green electricity improves profitability.
  • A special greenhouse roof design improves solar panel performance by 40%. 
  • An appealing combination of crop growing and electricity generation.
  • A more comfortable climate for your workers.

For further information about this concept, please contact us. We’d love to tell you more. 

Shady conditions

Because of the reduced light transmission through the solar panels, the Solar Venlo® greenhouse is ideal for use in combination with shade loving crops. Various flowers and potted plants thrive well in shady conditions. Some vegetable crops, such as lettuce and asparagus, can also be grown successfully in the Solar Venlo® greenhouse.

Would you like more information about the possibilities of this concept in combination with shade loving crops? If so, please contact us.

Service area

If installing solar panels in the greenhouse roof in the growing area is not an option, green electricity can be generated using other areas of your greenhouse roof. After all, most of the greenhouse projects designed and built by HORCONEX not only consist of a growing area, the adjoining areas are often also incorporated in the structure as it is convenient and cost-effective to do so. As a result, the offices, toilets, canteens, boiler rooms and the storage and service areas form a neat whole together with the growing area. Furthermore, these working areas make it possible to benefit from the Solar Venlo® design in other parts of your greenhouse. For example, the shade provided by the solar panels contributes to creating pleasant working conditions in your processing area.


Do you already have a greenhouse and would like to extend it by adding a Solar Venlo® greenhouse? No problem at all! HORCONEX builds the new greenhouse in a way that ensures seamless integration with your existing greenhouse design. Any height differences can also be bridged. 

For further information, please contact us. We’d love to tell you more. 

Renewal of your current deck

Do you own an existing greenhouse and are you interested in a Solar Venlo greenhouse? Renewing your current deck with a new Solar deck is also possible.

For further information, please contact us. We’d love to tell you more. 

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