The Venlo greenhouse is by far the most commonly used greenhouse in greenhouse horticulture. We can supply this type in a number of different versions.

Ranging from a standard model to a model that focuses on active dehumidification (such as the Activenlo®) or a greenhouse that is designed to produce green electricity (such as the Solar Venlo®). HORCONEX specialises in constructing Venlo greenhouses, regardless of the exact model that has been chosen.

The type of crop is often the main reason for choosing a Venlo greenhouse. This type of greenhouse is very popular among vegetable growers because of the high light transmission level. The design is ideal for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, lettuce and bell peppers. However, growers of cut flowers and potted plants also frequently use Venlo greenhouses

The Venlo greenhouse

Why choose a Venlo greenhouse?

  • The Venlo greenhouse is the world’s most popular greenhouse type.
  • The Venlo greenhouse has long been popular with vegetable growers and growers of cut flowers and pot plants due to its high light transmission.
  • The Venlo greenhouse can be easily combined with screens, heating, and dehumidification systems.
  • Climate control within the Venlo Greenhouse is the standard

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